Dead Twin's Ashes Returned After Parent's Plea To Thieves

UPDATE: A member of the public has handed the ashes in after finding them on his tool box on his front lawn. Mother "I thought they were gone forever. It makes me feel complete again. "

Donna and Nigel Tweed returned to their Upper Coomera home on Thursday afternoon to find the front door had been kicked in, and their property ransacked.

While the burglars made off with thousands of dollars’ worth of goods, Mrs Tweed says her heart sunk when she realised they’d stolen something priceless.

“All of a sudden I just thought our baby girls and ran back inside and their trinket box was gone,” she told Ten Eyewitness News.

In 2005, the Tweeds lost their twin daughters, Madison and Candice, after they were born prematurely.

Their ashes were kept safe inside a sterling silver, sealed trinket box, in the family’s master bedroom, until it was stolen in the robbery.

“It feels like the day we lost them just been taken off us again, that's all.”

“We don't have memories, we don't have lots of photos. All we have is their ashes which was going to be buried with whichever one of us went first,” Mrs Tweed said.

Police have finger-printed the crime scene, and are investigating leads in the area.

But Mrs Tweed said she’s willing to forgive and forget if her girls are returned safely.

“Now they're out there and they could be just tossed away,” she said.

“They can keep whatever they've got, we wouldn't even press charges, we won't do anything to them.”

In a desperate bid to be reunited with her daughters, Donna shared her heartbreak on social media, where it quickly went viral with users sharing the post more than 2100 times.

A local basketball club has since offered its post office box as a safe place for the thieves to anonymously return the stolen box.

“Put them in our letter box, post them to us do something, but just send them home,” Mrs Tweed said.

The box is described as sterling silver, adorned with roses, about the size of a phone.