Man Accused Of Claiming False Fruit Contamination Maintains Innocence

A man accused of making a bogus report to police that his daughter was a victim of the strawberry contamination scandal, has claimed he was telling the truth when he faced court today.

Paul Wright appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court this morning charged with making it appear goods are contaminated, and making a false report to police.

Police allege that on September 17 the 34-year-old went into a police station, North of Adelaide, and claimed a week earlier, his daughter had bitten into a strawberry that had been contaminated with a needle.

There have been over 100 cases of fruit contamination reported.

Authorities say Wright even named the Woolworths supermarket he claimed the fruit had been purchased from.

The court heard police reviewed store CCTV and formally interviewed Wright, before arresting and charging him four days later.

Wright had no legal representation in court today but told the court he intended to plead not guilty after speaking to a lawyer.

Outside of court, Wright told media he maintains the strawberry was contaminated and he simply told police “the truth”.

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The strawberry contamination scandal has seen Australian police receive more than a hundred reports of fruit contamination,  however the source of the attack is not yet known.