Book Claims Mariah Carey Jacked Up James Packer Settlement To $70 Million After Leak

Mariah Carey was reportedly prepared to accepted a mere $7 million in settlement from ex James Packer, a new book claims, but instead jacked up the price ten-fold to $70 million.

That's the claim of a new biography about the Australian tycoon, a biography sanctioned by Packer himself.

The Price of Fortune: The Untold Story Of Being James Packer, by journalist Damon Kitney, was launched on Monday.

Packer denies leaking details of the settlement.

"I had absolutely nothing to do with the story," he says in the biography, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The couple first met in 2014, and by early 2016 were engaged -- with a massive 35-carat rock to boot.

Mariah Carey's 35-carat engagement ring. Photo: Getty.

But things didn't end up so peachy, with the couple splitting just a few months later. And although they never actually made it down the aisle, there were widespread reports that Mariah Carey received a multi-million "inconvenience fee" settlement.

The final reports put the figure at $6 to $13 million (US $5 million to $10 million). That included the value of the ring, which Mariah got to keep.

Packer's biography, meanwhile, is similar in the dramatic stakes. Invoking the Greek legend of Icarus, Packer tells his biographer that he "flew too close to the sun", delving into the billionaire's breakdown following a tumultuous 2016.

In a matter of months, Packer split with Carey, stopped living in Hollywood and Israel, and resigned from Crown Casinos in order to manage his mental health.

"Never before has a member of the Packer family co-operated with a writer to tell their story," the book promises, telling the story of how "his wealth, charm and intellect took him to such exciting places ... yet how sometimes his trusting the wrong people and his rash actions cost him his friends, his health and, most importantly, his reputation on the global stage."