Woman Thought She Would 'Bleed To Death' In Horrifying Kangaroo Attack

Linda Smith suffered life-threatening injuries during a savage kangaroo attack last week.

From her hospital bed, Linda, who has devoted her life as a wildlife carer, recounted the horrifying moment she was set upon by a 183 centimetre kangaroo last Saturday.

Linda Smith in the days after the attack.

Her and her husband Jim were feeding the kangaroos in their care at their Cypress Gardens home when Smith noticed her husband being attacked.

"I was feeding the little joey, then I looked up... and I saw this one jumping and kicking at him [Jim]," she told Ten Eyewitness News in an exclusive interview.

"I grabbed a broom... and he just came at me, kicking me and knocked the broom out of my hand."

Jim Smith suffered gashes and bruises during the attack.

Jim then tried to pull the kangaroo off his wife, getting kicked in the head and stomach, sustaining gashes and bruises.

"As it came up to me it grabs [his head], and then it must have grabbed me around here [his chest], and as it grabbed me it kicked me," he said after the attack.

Their son, Sonny came to their rescue, hitting the kangaroo over its head before it retreated.

"I thought I was going to bleed to death there and then," Linda said.

"Two of my wounds, when they [medical staff] looked into it, they could see the artery, a major artery."

More than a week on from the attack, Linda Smith is still recovering.

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The attack left Smith with three broken ribs, a punctured lung and a torn liver.

She underwent surgery the next day and is still recovering in Toowoomba Hospital.