Stolen Puppy Can't Hide Its Excitement At Being Reunited With Family

A week ago Pippy the dog went missing from outside a shop in Nedlands, Perth.

Her owner left her outside and popped inside to grab something, but Pippi was gone when they returned.

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Pippi was in good health when she was reunited with her family. Image; WA Police.

A search was established for the two-and-a-half year old doggo, following police and media reports.

Their search lead them to a property in the suburb of Medina, Perth and soon after Pippy was located.

Both the family and Pippy were ecstatic when they were reunited. Running between her family members, Pippy's tail was wagging furiously as she jumped into loving human arms.

Pippy was also in good health and appeared to have been well looked after in the week that she was missing.

Featured Image: WA Police. 

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