Check Out The New-Look $50 Note Now In Circulation

The Reserve Bank of Australia released the brand new $50 note today.

The shiny 'pineapples' are the third installment of the new note series, following the release of the $5 and $10 notes in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

In a bid to mitigate counterfeiting, new security features have been incorporated into the bill, including a top-to-bottom clear window containing a number of dynamic features including a reversing number and flying bird.

There is also a black swan which changes colour when you tilt the note, and a second black swan, wattle branch, serial number and year of print that becomes visible under UV light.

Despite a general move away from cash in favour of electornic payment methods, the RBA says the $50 note is the most widely circulated Australian banknote.

The design elements remain the same on the new note. Image: RBA

The note also has an accessible tactile feature -- four raised dots along the edge, for those who are blind or have low vision.

The key aspects of the design -- colour, size and the people portrayed -- have been retained so as to minimise the disruption to businesses and ensure we all know what note we're dealing with.

Senior lecturer in Indigenous Studies Dr Karen Hughes has been working with the RBA on the development of the note since 2015, and led the research behind the design of one side.

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Featuring celebrated Indigenous Australian David Unaipon, the final design is the culmination of three years of historical research.

"Each side of every banknote has its own historian, ornithologist and botanist", Dr Hughes said in a statement.

"You might not consider that so much research is involved, but it is a really extensive and rigorous process, in keeping with the banknote's high public profile and longevity, and also its educative role."

The new $20 note is expected to be issued in 2019, with the $100 notes following in 2020.

Featured image: AAP