The Little Boy And The Hug That Melted Hearts Across The World

When six-year-old Luke Vincent hugged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during their visit to Dubbo on Wednesday, he became a global star.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were greeted by a group of school children when they arrived in the regional NSW town, but it was little Luke that made a lasting impression.

Vision of the school boy breaking royal protocol by hugging Harry and Meghan and touching the Duke's beard and hair has reached all corners of the world via social media.

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Harry And Meghan Get A Cuddle In Dubbo

"It was a very special moment for us right there and then but I didn't really realise this was going to be such a world wide experience for my friend here," Luke's school principle Anne Van Dartel, who was with him when he met Harry and Meghan, told Studio 10.

"He has the capacity to build an audience very quickly, so I am not surprised."

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"He is absolutely not aware of all the attention that is going on, he just knows he is part of a very special day and ... he has really realised that he has got more adult friends than ever before," she said.

Dartel also said the reason for Luke's fascination with Harry's beard is linked to his love of Santa and Christmas.

Luke loves Santa and therefore, anyone with a beard. Image: Getty Images.

"He really, really loves Santa so anyone who has a beard he actually takes an instant liking to and as soon as Harry bent down I knew that he's got a beard and Luke went in for that instant touch and feel."

Dartel described Harry as completely genuine, gentle, kind, inclusive in his approach to Luke. She also said it was particularly special that he wanted to introduce Meghan to Luke as well.

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"He was just so receptive to Luke and so understanding especially with all those protocols with the touching and the face and the hair -- he was completely gracious.

"He said, 'This is my wife. I'd love you to give her a hug'."

Luke was happy to give Meghan Markle a hug. Image: Getty Images.

While Dartel joked about the media storm that has descended on the Dubbo school she runs,  she said  both the school and Luke's parents are so proud of the impression he left of the royal couple.

"He is a superstar here everyday," Dartel said.

"We didn't need world media to tell us that he's a superstar."

Featured Image: Getty Images. 

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