Mother's Heartache Over 'Trusting' Daughter's GBH Death

Katrina Gavan spent her 34th birthday watching her only child have her life support switched off.

On Wednesday that pain was relived, as she watched the man responsible for supplying her daughter with a deadly dose of the drug GHB sentenced to three and half years jail.

Katrina Gavan speaks to the media outside the County Court of Victoria in Melbourne. Photo: AAP Image/Amber Wilson

"I don't really have words," Gavan said, outside court.

"No sentence will ever bring my beautiful girl back home again."

Her daughter, Alesha Fernando then 13-years-old, was found face-down on a mattress in a Dandenong apartment last year. Court documents show a friend discovered her "pale", and "unresponsive."

Luke Delphin pleaded guilty to supplying Alesha Fernando with GHB in the hours before the thirteen year old died from toxicity.

The then 19-year-old picked Alesha and a 15-year-old girlfriend up in a stolen car before taking them back to his apartment.

"She was beautiful, happy, she was too trustworthy of everyone," Gavan said.

"She was just absolutely adorable. Everybody loved her."

In sentencing, Judge Claire Quin said she accepted the two girls had told Delphin they were seventeen.

"You were all part of the arrangement to consume drugs at your apartment, though it was you (Delphin) who had the means of accessing them."

Delphin pleaded guilty to a raft of offences, and was sentenced to a non-parole period of two years. With time already served that means he could be out in a little over one year.

Alesha's devastated family are still considering whether to appeal.