Australian Man Dead After Jumping Off Bali Cliff

A Western Australian father has died after jumping off a diving board on a cliff in Bali.

Justin Jordanhoff, 44, jumped off the popular Mahana Point on Nusa Ceningan from a diving board into the ocean on Friday afternoon.

Jordanhoff successfully landed in the water, floated to the surface and swum around a little before leaving the water.

Justin Jordanhoff died in Bali. Image: Facebook/ Justin Jordanhoff.

He then walked to the nearby Blue Lagoon Beach, where his condition deteriorated. Jordanhoff started to feel dizzy and hot and eventually a friend took him to hospital where he later died.

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Jordanhoff's exact cause of death is yet to be determined, but there is speculation he suffered a heart attack.

This could have been bought on by him swimming against strong currents after jumping off the diving board.

The Mahana Point Cliff Jump in Bali. Image: Journey Era

In 2017, 107 Australians died in Indonesia according to the Department Of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In the same year, 43 Australians went missing in the popular tourist destination.

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