Family Survive Horrifying Kangaroo Attack

It will be a birthday Jim Smith never forgets, after he and his family were viciously attacked by a kangaroo on Saturday night.

Jim's wife, Linda suffered serious injuries while trying to stop the 183 centimetre kangaroo from attacking him at their home in Cypress Gardens, south of Brisbane.

Covered in dark bruises and numerous cuts, Jim explained how the kangaroo grabbed his head and began kicking him in the stomach.

Jim's head is covered in scratches from being grabbed by the kangaroo.

"This kangaroo just came out of the bush.. and he just didn't stop," he told Ten Eyewitness News.

"As it came up to me it grabs [his head], and then it must have grabbed me around here [his chest], and as it grabbed me it kicked me."

Bruising and deep claw marks from the kangaroo on Jim's stomach.

As the kangaroo attacked his wife, Jim picked up a shovel to fend it off, only for the kangaroo to attack him again.

By this time, their son, Sonny, had seen what was happening and tried to help his parents by beating the kangaroo off with a stick.

Father And Son Recount Terryfying Kangaroo Attack

"I hit it over the head twice after it had knocked me down and went on top of me," Sonny said.

The kangaroo retreated after suffering the blows, and hasn't been found since.

Jim's legs are covered in scratches form the kangaroo.

The terrifying attack lasted about five minutes.

"They do a lot of damage is a short amount of time," Jim said.

Linda suffered three broken ribs, a punctured lung and a torn liver, and underwent surgery on Sunday night at Toowoomba Hospital, where she remains in a stable condition.

Linda Smith remains in hospital after suffering serious injuries from the kangaroo attack.

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The family, who are experienced wildlife carers, won't be put off caring for animals in the future and don't want the kangaroo captured.

"No, we won't hunt the kangaroo down," Jim said.