Ranger Taken By Crocodile In Arnhem Land Attack

Police say the woman was fishing with family when they noticed she was missing, and the bucket she was using to collect mussels was found nearby.

An Aboriginal woman has been missing since 10 o'clock on Friday morning, after a crocodile attack near the north-eastern tip of the Northern Territory.

She was attacked near the Gan Gan outstation about 206 kilometres south west of Yirrkala.

The victim was a ranger who may have been working in the area, according to an NT Worksafe statement.

Police have not yet reached the outstation. A spokesman from NT Worksafe says the remote location of the attack has meant that there is little information on the circumstances of the attack at this point.

“The group noticed she was missing, they saw the bucket was there, they heard some splashing and that’s all we’ve got at this stage," NT Police Commander Tony Fuller said.

Northern Territory Police have confirmed that officers are on making their way to the remote scene.

“Our task force is on the way out there, access to the billabong’s going to be difficult for us,” he said.

IMAGE: CrocBITE Database

According to research from Charles Darwin University and CrocBITE. Australia has had more 213 crocodile attacks, of which  around a third were fatal.

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Featured Image: AAP

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