Pluck Me! Tornado Warnings Issued For QLD As Large Hail Ravages Properties

A tornado warning has been issued for southeast Queensland, as the region continues to be battered by destructive winds and large hail.

A supercell storm formed over the south-east of the state after two smaller cells joined forces on Thursday, and has since formed into a tornado.

Three people have been hospitalised after they suffered cuts and abrasions when hail smashed the windows of their car in Coolabunia, authorities said.

"The tornado has embedded itself inside the supercell," Josh Holt, Ten Eyewitness News weather expert told ten daily.

It is currently lashing Kilkivan, southwest of Tansey, or northwest of Murgon.

It is expected to produce very large hail and destructive winds as it passes over areas, Holt said.

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Image: Facebook Melanie Quinn

The storm recorded wind speeds of up to 87 kilometers per hour as it passed through Kingaroy at around midday.

Hail seven centimetres in width, or roughly the size of tennis balls, has caused destruction in Kumbia, before it made its way to Gympie, where wind speeds of up to 98 kilometres per hour have been recorded.

It is heading northeast towards the coast throughout the afternoon.

Cars pulled over near Nanango, north-west of Brisbane. Image: Facebook Leonie Bartlett

This supercell has been caused by a trough of low pressure, that has combined with cold air in the upper levels of the atmosphere, Holt explained.

The windshear and "well-organised" structure of the storm make it particularly destructive.

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Image: Facebook Melanie Quinn

The storm has left areas blanketed with hail, wildlife killed and properties damaged.

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In some areas, traffic has been bought to a stop as the hail passes over.

Feature Image: ABC/ Damien Tessman/ Melanie Quinn