Woman Pleads Guilty To Mowing Down Cheating Partner's Lover With Car

A woman has pleaded guilty to a charge of recklessly causing injury by hitting her boyfriend's younger lover with her car.

Elisha Browne is facing 15 years in jail after the love triangle sparked a moment of intense jealousy.

The then 39-year-old suspected her boyfriend, Ross Perrys, was at another woman's house.

When she spotted them together in Perrys' car she chased after them in her own car.

Prosecutor Megan Casey told the court "the accused followed closely behind in excess of 130km per hour".

Browne hit Perry's car multiple times with her own unregistered car before he stalled at an intersection in Clarinda.

Elisha Browne. Image: Facebook

Perry and the other woman, who was 30-years-old, ran away but Brown accelerated and hit the woman.

The prosecutor said the victim "heard her bones breaking from being hit and felt her body going underneath the car."

"She was dragged about 30 metres from where she was hit," the prosecutor added.

"As she lay on the ground injured she was in fear that the accused was going to reverse over her."

Browne left the scene but her car bumper showing her number plate was left behind.

After she was arrested the next day, Brown told police she didn't mean to hit the woman.

Elisha Browne. Image: Facebook

The judge told her today that it was lucky the victim wasn't killed.

Perry, who came to the County Court to support Browne, told Ten Eyewitness News he still feels like he's at fault for the incident.

He also said he's no longer dating either of the women.

Browne is a full time carer for her autistic son. Since she was taken into custody in April, he's been cared for by Browne's mother.

Browne will be sentenced later this month.