Gym Gets Unexpected Visit From Koala And Joey

Eats, shoots, pumps out ten and leaves.

A Brisbane gym has created quite a stir after two koalas became its newest recruits.

Without the need for active wear, the mother carried her baby joey through the side door of the Results Room and headed straight for the weights.

“Couldn’t believe it, just could not believe it. I saw it and for two seconds there I had no idea what was going on,” coach Liam Kinzett told Ten Eyewitness News.

Proving koalas have guns of steel that most can only dream of, a spotter wasn’t required at the bench press.

The mother simply climbed up an entire squat rack, pulling her own weight, plus more.

“She just got her claws and dug them into the squat rack and somehow, still managed to take her and her baby all the way up to the top, it was super cool,” Kinzett said.

Her baby joey quickly became guilty of doing what everyone else at the gym loves –- looking at his reflection.

The koalas were rescued by the RSPCA and have since been named Caramello and Toffee.

“Their habitat has all been chopped down, unfortunately the koalas don’t relate to that and they will keep returning to the same areas,” RPSCA’s Michael Beatty says.

The koalas are now back in their own natural gym, the wild.