Collector Offers $20,000 Reward For Rare Stolen 'Peter Brock' Commodore

A car collector is offering a $20,000 reward for anyone who tracks down two rare Commodores stolen from his workshop.

Early Monday morning at least three brazen thieves used a Black Range Rover to tow away Reno Xerri's 1983 VH Peter Brock Commodore, before returning for his 1990 HSV VN Group A sedan.

The hooded figures used bolt cutters and a crow bar to force their way into the Coburg factory at around 4am, moving several cars and furniture to clear way for the cars' removal.

The prized Commodores, which police say are worth up to $150,000 each, were pushed out to the waiting SUV and connected with a tow rope.

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Despite their hefty price tags, Xerri said he never had plans to sell either of the cars.

"Everyone's always wanted to buy them," he told Ten Eyewitness News.

"I said they're not for sale so I was just heartbroken mate you know, I'm devasted."

The original plan was to pass the Commodores on to Xerri's teenage daughter once she was old enough to drive.

With the sentimental value of the cars in mind, the $20,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can help bring them back.

Police say the offenders planned the theft well, while Xerri believes they must have known the layout of his workshop to pull it off so smoothly.

CCTV captured the Brock Commodore heading towards Sydney Road following the theft and police are investigating a possible sighting of the cars on Plenty Road, South Morang.

Video: CCTV Captures Stolen Commodores