Aussie Hotel Pulls Ad Slammed As 'Sexist'

A Brisbane hotel has been forced to apologise after it received backlash over one of its advertisements featuring a couple which has been slammed by some social media users as sexist.

On face value the image, which shows a man and a woman enjoying breakfast in bed, appears harmless.

But social media users were quick to accuse the ad of gender stereotyping because it shows the woman reading a 'Chanel' look book while the man reads the Financial Review newspaper.

"Hi @SofitelBrisbane, your breakfast looks delicious! Hey and just wanted to let you know I’m a woman and I also read the @FinancialReview every day," Australian reporter Elizabeth Redman said in a twitter post on Monday.

Redman's post has since been flooded with hundreds of comments by other users who saw the ad, with many people supporting the claim that the image is sexist.

"Of course the fruit platter is on her side, she'd be loathed to touch the baked goods...," one user said on Twitter.

Other users have slammed the ad as "disheartening" and "ludicrous" while another said "I'm surprised she's not in skimpy underwear whilst he's holding a handful of spanners."

Sofitel Brisbane has since apologised to those offended by the article saying it had no intention of portraying a stereotype.

"We recognise it & apologise for any offence it has caused," the hotel said to disgruntled users on Twitter, adding that the ad has since been pulled from future use.

But many others jumped to the hotel's defense, with some suggesting it's impossible to please everyone and advertisers shouldn't be trying to.

"Please don't succumb to the senseless bullying that this story has generated, there is nothing wrong with the add," one user said.

"Why are people getting so offended by such silly things it's just a picture!Why waste your time getting so worked up," another added.

It's understood the ad appeared in Fairfax's Good Weekend magazine.