Devastating Flow-On Effects From Record-High Petrol Prices

Drivers across the country are feeling the squeeze at the bowser, with fuel prices at a four year high.

And there appears to be more pain for motorists on the way, with reports premium fuel could reach two dollars a litre, by Christmas.

Queensland is heading towards new records. Service stations in the south-east of the state are already jacking up prices to $1.70 a litre and it's only expected to get worse.

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Motoring bodies like RACQ say drivers are being blatantly ripped off by the hikes and it's also putting extra financial pressure on small businesses who are having to reconsider how they operate.

Ron Nightingale has been working as a courier for 30 years, and told Ten Eyewitness News he has tried to avoid passing on increasing operational costs to his customers. But increasing fuel costs mean he will have to increase his service prices, to ensure his business survives.

"At the start of this year my fuel bill was $120 a week, after this rise it's now $175 a week, now that equated over a year is a lot of bloody money," Ron said.

"If you're paying almost a $1.70 per litre to fill up your car then you are absolutely getting ripped off," Clare Hunter from RACQ said.

"We've got high global oil prices, we've got a softening Australian dollar and some of these retailers are ripping us off, it really is the perfect storm," she said.

Ron Nightingale has been a courier for 30 years. Photo: Ten news

The last time Queenslanders were paying more than $1.65 a litre at the bowser, was in the lead up to the global financial crisis.

Ron said figures like that will put him out of business.

"It would send me into the Centrelink office straight away I couldn't survive," he said.

Ron is one of thousands who plan to boycott service stations as part of a national protest, at the end of the month. They're calling for the Federal Government to remove the burden of excise and taxes which accounts for more than 30 percent of the cost of fuel at the bowser.