The Chaser Project Advertising Sign On Opera House

Apparently that's Alan Jones' real mobile number.

They're no strangers to a little controversy and now The Chaser have struck again.

In response to the recent Opera House advertising debate, the comedy group have projected an advertising sign on some of Sydney's most famous landmarks.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, some members of the group  projected a message onto iconic buildings around Sydney from a projector inside their car.

The words 'Advertise here. Call Alan' along with a phone number were splashed across the NSW Art Gallery, NSW Parliament House and of course, the Sydney Opera House.

The group claims the phone number is broadcaster Alan Jones' real mobile number.

The stunt is a response to the recent drama surrounding a proposal by NSW Racing to advertise The Everest horse race on the World Heritage Listed sails of the Opera House -- a move which Jones passionately agreed with and defended.

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Initially, Opera House boss Louise Herron refused parts of the proposal saying the landmark is "not a billboard". She didn't want to see horse names and race branding projected on the sails.

Alan Jones called for Herron to lose her job over her decision and eventually the state government stepped in and ordered the Opera House to allow the advertisement.

The decision has caused massive public outcry, with tens of thousands signing online petitions to stop the advertising. Some also believe the advisement encourages a gambling culture in Australia.

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The Everest advertisement is set to be projected on the Opera House on Tuesday evening.

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