Meet the 16-Year-Old Aussie Entrepreneur Who Makes $3k A Day

Jack Bloomfield was just eight years old when he had his first idea for a business.

6It was a simple concept: package shipping between family and friends when someone wanted to send a gift to another.

Jack insists it wasn’t exactly a business, more of an idea that helped spur him into a first, second and now third successful venture.

“I’ve always been passionate about business and entrepreneurship,” the Brisbane-based teenager told ten daily, ahead of an interview on Studio 10 on Friday morning.

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“I started my first real business at the age of 12 and it was always a gradual progression to where I got now,” he said.

“I didn’t really know if I was going to be successful starting a business at 12, it definitely leaves a lot of room for a lot of doubt.”

Jack said his successful virtual greeting card business came about after he noticed a gap in the market he described as “very old-fashioned”.

The high school student built his website from scratch and got his family and friends involved to spread the word.

“It was interesting and I think I learnt a lot of the fundamentals from that, like how to run a business, how to manage people, how to manage stock… it was a really big learning curve and contributed a lot to my business today.”

At 14, while at a doctor’s visit with his mum, he noticed another opportunity to develop an outdated process, creating a way for doctors to save and access all their patients’ medical records at once.

“Patients are paying for this service anyway,” Jack said.

By 15, the teenager was ready for another change and started dabbling in e-commerce before delving into his current venture of dropshipping, which means he can buy and sell inventory around the world without having to stock anything in his own home.

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“As soon as someone orders your product you can send a supply to the overseas network supplier that you have set up,” Jack said.

Jack said dropshipping was a light-bulb moment for him in his career, after realising that he could pick from thousands of products to sell without ever having to handle the inventory himself.

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Jack’s company markets entirely through Facebook, and after less than a year in the business, his six e-commerce stores now bring in an impressive $3000 a day.

While it’s an impressive feat for a 16-year-old, Jack remains humble, telling ten daily that his parents, who own their own personal business, always provided him with advice and encouraged him to work hard to get what he wants.

“A lot of it was trial and error,” Jack said.

“I lost a lot of money in the process… there were a lot of missteps.. but it’s all going really well for me right now.”

Jack admits being such a young business owner left him discredited earlier in his career, but insists once people realise the value someone can bring to a company, age stops being a significant barrier.

“It also helps being a teenager and being knowledgeable about technology and computers… it does actually make the whole process a lot easier,” Jack said.

The teenager’s latest venture is a mentorship program, telling ten daily he dreamed of helping others to create income online.

“Each month we will be covering a different aspect of online income,” Jack said of the program, adding it was designed for people of all ages.

“It doesn't matter how young or old you are… you don't have to be a tech wizard to get going! Just a drive to succeed.”

Catch Jack’s full interview on Studio 10 this Friday.

To learn more about his new program click here.

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