Risky Roads: Australia's Accident Hotspots Revealed

High volumes of traffic, lost concentration and an obsession with mobile phones are combining to make for some very dangerous roads in Australia.

Melbourne's Plenty Road in Bundoora in the city's CBD has been named Australia's worst accident hotspot, by insurance company AAMI in their  2018 Crash Index.

“Bundoora’s Plenty Road in Melbourne’s north-east has several lanes of traffic travelling in both directions and is used by many commuters and locals as it feeds into several other major roads in Melbourne,” AAMI spokesperson Ashleigh Paterson said.

Many of the features of Plenty Road that make it accident prone are common on other roads across the entire nation.

Australia's most dangerous roads. Image: AAMI 2018 Crash Index.

Roads classed as the nation's most dangerous usually have multiple lanes of traffic and serve as key thoroughfares to a city's CBD.

"There are a number of commonalities for most of these areas and for most of them they [the crashes] occur in the times of morning or afternoon commutes, there are several lanes of traffic, there are a number of entry and exit points and they are a main thoroughfare," Paterson told ten daily.

"Most of them are a key thoroughfare to travelling into the CBD, so there is higher congestion and there is a lot of stop and start traffic."

Losing concentration while driving on busy roads adds to the amount of accidents experienced in already busy and dangerous areas.

"We do know that driver distraction is a leading cause of accidents in these areas," Paterson said.

"Despite two thirds of us getting annoyed or frustrated by seeing people using their phones while driving, a third of us are still texting at the lights or have our handsets on our laps and talking on speaker phone when driving."

Paterson also said drivers get bored when sitting in traffic for a long periods and might stray to their digital devices to pass the time.

Avoiding accidents on the nation's most dangerous roads comes down to focusing on driving, not on digital devices.

"Concentration really is key, especially when you are driving through accident prone areas -- avoid distractions, avoid using digital devices, leave a safe following distance between you and the car in front," she said. 

Australia's Most Accident-Prone Roads State-By-State

Gympie road in both Chermside and Aspely have been named the two most common areas to have a car accident in the Sunshine State. According to the new data, the 4.2 kilometre stretch of road has seen a major increase in accidents over the past 12 months.

This can be attributed to a high volume of traffic travelling between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and to a large amount of heavier vehicles on the road due to infrastructure upgrades in the area.

Coming in at number three was the road at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, being added to the list for the first time.

New South Wales

Liverpool's Hume Highway has climbed from fourth spot in 2017 to take out the title of Sydney's most dangerous road.

There are multiple sets of traffic lights on the road with multiple entry points making it prone to extreme congestion, especially in busy periods.

Pennant Hills Road in Pennant Hills and the M4 Motorway at Parramatta remain high risk roads. All three roads share risk factors including stop-and-start traffic and frequently changing driver conditions.

Australian Capital Territory

The Monaro Highway in Hume, Canberra, jumped from second spot in 2017 to be named the state's most accident-prone road. It's been named a crash hotspot due to its multiple entry points which lead to high levels of congestion.

Canberra Avenue at Fyshwick came in second after dropping from number one in 2017 and Gundaroo Avenue in Gungahlin came in third.


Melbourne's Plenty Road at Bundoora has been named the most dangerous road in both the state and the nation. The road feeds locals and commuters travelling in both directions on multiple lanes of traffic.

Two of Melbourne's universities have entry points off the road and Tram Route 86 runs down the middle of the street.

Doncaster Road in Doncaster and Springvale Road at Glen Waverley come in at second and third to make up the top three.


There was a tie for Hobart's most dangerous road with Argyle Street in Hobart and Sandy Bay Road at Sandy Bay both taking out the top spot.

They are both leading roads into Hobart city and are used by commuters as a connection from suburban streets to the CBD.

Macquarie Street in Hobart came in at number three.

South Australia

High volumes of vehicles and constantly stop-and-start traffic saw The Parade in Norwood retain its spot as Adelaide's most dangerous road.

The good news is that accidents along the stretch of road have decreased by 35 percent between 2017 and 2018.

Marion Road in Marion came in as the second most dangerous road, being added to the list for the first time. Third spot recipient Bridge Road at Para Hills was also added to the list for the first time.

Western Australia

Perth's Albany Highway in Cannington has been labeled the city's number one hot spot for car accidents. It's been named the city's most dangerous road for three years in a row as it's one of the capital's key thoroughfares.

Great Eastern Highway at Midlands and Garden City at Booragoon came in second and third respectively.

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