Hundreds From Across Australia Walk In Honour Of Missing Mum Lynette Dawson

To the emotive lyrics of Amazing Grace, hundreds gathered at Sydney's Long Reef Point headlands to remember Lyn Dawson.

There was a parade of pink in Colloroy on Sunday morning as the family, friends and devoted listeners of The Teacher’s Pet podcast came together to in honour of Dawson -- a fanfare Lyn's family described as humbling.

“To think that so many people care enough about Lyn that they want to come out and remember her... We’re definitely feeling and we’re definitely appreciating it,” Renee Simms told Ten Eyewitness News.

"She was just a family lady -- lovely, loved her children and no one has said a bad word about her people can just resonate with that.”

The mother of two disappeared from her Bayview home 36 years ago.

But in the decades spent searching for her, the family missed out on a crucial element of closure -- a memorial.

So Bev McNally, the Dawson's former babysitter and fellow Cromer High Old Girls decided to organise a walk for Lyn to prove to her little girls their mother’s life meant something to a lot of people.

"I knew those little girls, I knew she was a good mum and I knew she wouldn't have left them and what broke my heart with whats all come out… her daughters don’t have a memory of her, “ she said.

"I think its important for them as well to see the effect that they’ve had on people and that people are backing them and want what they want -- they want justice for Lyn.”

People who couldn't be in Long Reef were encouraged to go somewhere beautiful, lay a pink flower for Dawson and then post a photo to the Looking For Lynette Dawson Facebook page.

Lynette Dawson went missing three decades ago. Image: Looking For Lynette Dawson/Facebook.

"For those unable to be in Sydney," a post on the Facebook page read.

"We encourage you create your own city/town event. Find the highest, most beautiful spot where you live and take flowers there. Please take a photo and share it here on the page on the day."

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The 300-strong crowd of walkers equipped with a pink flower came from all over the country.

There were some who’d known Lyn as a child and others who’d never met her but felt compelled to show their support after hearing her story.

Addressing the crowd, Lyn’s brother Gregory Simms found it hard to put his gratitude into words.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he said for giving his sister a voice.

Homicide detectives recently renewed the investigation into the suspected murder of Dawson, conducting a dig at her former home in Bayview, Sydney.

The six-day search ended with no new evidence found.

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The nurse and mother-of-two disappeared in 1982, just days before her husband Chris Dawson moved his 16-year-old lover into the Bayview family home.

Dawson's disappearance has also been subject to two coronial inquests and The Teacher's Pet podcast.

It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has attracted 19 million listeners.

Featured Image: Kimberly Pratt.