'I Better Not Say That Or I Might Get The Sack': Leigh Sales Jokes About ABC Saga

Leigh Sales made light of the ABC saga, with a quick one-liner on The Sunday Project.

When asked about her favourite Channel Ten program, Sales was reminded former-ABC General Manager Michelle Guthrie had answered Gogglebox to the same question.

But Sales took it as an opportunity to take aim at former ABC Chairman Justin Milne.

"I better not say that or I might get the sack," Sales quipped.

The 7.30 host soon became serious about the issue of political journalism, and said she couldn't do her job if she was constantly in fear of losing her job.

"I have to be able to just think, 'what would the average Australian want me to ask this person?' and do that without the fear of the consequences," she said.

Receiving calls about hard-hitting questions from politicians is part of the job she said, and it was their right to make complaints -- but there was a line.

"Where it becomes insidious is if it's going on at some sort of closed door level, where conversations are then going on saying 'well hang on, this person needs to get the sack'," Sales said.

As a trusted source of news, the ABC must hold itself to a higher level of standard she said, and it was important for the network to take ownership of mistakes that are made.

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"I think with the case of those stories that Emma [Alberici] did, the ABC admitted that there were errors in that piece," Sales said.

"That we [ABC] say, we made a mistake and we're correcting it, we're not fallible but you can trust us."

Leigh Sales will be on Studio 10 on Monday morning.

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