Hail Turns Sydney Streets White For Second Time This Month

If you missed out on the snowfields this season, some Sydney suburbs could be the next best thing.

With wild weather ripping through parts of Sydney, no one would blame you if you mistakenly thought it was still winter.

Parts of the city's north and west were blanketed in hail on Wednesday afternoon as the mercury took a Spring-defiant turn and plummeted to 10 degrees Celsius.

A Schofields street covered in hail. Image: Tania Connolly

Schofields, a suburb in the north-west, was worst affected by the storm, with nearly 200 lightening strikes recorded in the area.

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Flash flooding caused by heavy rains also affected the area, with 28 calls to the SES made around the state today.

Schofields. Image: Tania Connolly
Schofields: Tania Connolly

It comes less than a month after severe thunderstorms swept through NSW, covering some roads in so much hail that residents were able to practise their snowboarding skills.