Injured Sailor Abhilash Tomy Rescued 3000km Off Perth In 'Stable' Condition

After spending more than two days in the remote southern Indian Ocean, an injured Indian sailor is receiving medical treatment after being rescued

Abhilash Tomy was "conscious and talking" and in a stable condition on Monday night after he was located about 3000km southwest of Perth by a French fisheries patrol boat.

Abhilash Tomy's location. Source: AMSA.

The 39-year-old had been taking part in an around the world solo sailing competition -- the Golden Globe race -- when his yacht Thuriya lost its mast in a storm on Friday.

Tomy was taken to Ile Amsterdam, a tiny island in the southern Indian Ocean which has a small hospital but no airport big enough to take a fixed-wing aircraft.

Given the extent of the sailor's injuries he is likely to spend time on HMAS Ballarat, which will get there on Friday and can take him back to Perth.

First photo of Abhilash Tomy. Source: AAP.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority took to Twitter to thank those involved in the efforts.

"FPV Osiris has successfully located and rescued Abhilash Tomy who is reported to be in a stable condition," AMSA wrote on Monday evening.

An uninjured Irish sailor, whose yacht also lost its mast in the race, was reportedly also picked up by the French fisheries patrol boat.

Lead image: AMSA