Dilemma Over Whale Carcass On Sydney Beach

Authorities say options to remove a huge whale carcass from a popular beach south of Sydney are limited as swimmers are again warned to stay well away.

The whale carcass, estimated to be 20 metres long, first became lodged on rocks near Wattamolla Beach a week ago before it was washed onto the sand overnight.

The NSW environment office on Monday said there was a range of options being considered including managing the carcass on the scene or towing it back out to sea.

Image: AAP

Its size and the beach's location inside the vast Royal National Park mean options for disposal are limited, a spokesperson said.

Sharks have been spotted in the area and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service has told visitors to stay out of the water. Whale welfare group ORRCA said the whale was male but its species was yet to be confirmed.

A member of the group had estimated the whale was about 20 metres though its position in shallow water meant no formal measurement had been taken.

Image: AAP

The NSW environment office said community safety in the area was paramount.

"People continue to be reminded to stay out of the water, and the vicinity," a spokeswoman told AAP in a statement.

Two Sydney brothers filmed themselves swimming near the carcass on the weekend even though sharks were nearby to feast on the dead mammal.