Cutting Up Strawberries Too Hard? Use An Egg Slicer

Cut 'em up, don't cut 'em out!

A nifty Adelaide woman has captured social media's attention with her tick to dealing with the unfolding strawberry contamination saga.

Yasmine Lintvelt posted a photo to Instagram of her lazy-man's guide to cutting strawberries -- with an egg slicer.

Has anything ever seemed more obvious?

“Strawberries don’t have the plague, in fact this one was damn tasty,” Lintvelt wrote.

"The majority are not contaminated, and if you find any needles in a pack then you can report it.”

The photo has since been viewed by thousands after being shared across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Following the first report of needles found in strawberry punnets two weeks ago, the industry has been brought to its knees with more than 100 cases of fruit contamination currently being investigated.

Supermarkets have pulled the affected brands from shelves and what stock is left is now worth a fraction of the price.

Farmers have been forced to lay off workers and footage has emerged of mountains of strawberries being dumped on a Queensland farm.

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Lintvelt's post is just the latest installment of a social media campaign to encourage Australians not to abandon strawberry products as the devastating reality of the situation comes to light.

Politicians and celebrities have been urging shoppers not to avoid the fruit, spearheaded by the "Cut 'em up, don't cut 'em out' campaign.

And now it's even easier to do.

So buy an egg slicer and get started on that strawberry-covered trifle!