Sexually Suggestive Church Sign Was A Simple Misunderstanding

A Church sign that read "Love doesn't rub it in -- love rubs it out" was a simple case of misinterpretation, according to the local diocese.

The sign went up at the Surfers Paradise Anglican Church about a week ago and caused little offence, but it was reported by the Gold Coast Bulletin on Monday.

The sign has since been taken down.

According to the Queensland branch of the church, it was simply a positive message that's been misinterpreted, although the representative would not clarify what that message is.

Senior Minister Mike Uptin, who put up the sign, could not be contacted to clarify the message.

It's not the first time this church has received media attention for its risky signs. In June this year it had a sign reading 'Forgiveness is swallowing when you'd rather spit'.

"This will get the punters in...." said Surfers Paradise MP John-Paul Langbroek, who took a selfie with the sign.

Curiously enough, if Twitter is to be believed, the Surfers Paradise Anglican Church is not the first holy institution to promote this message.

It's a message that has cropped up in a number of sermons more usually given in Baptist churches.

The full quote reads:

"Love covers a multitude of sins. When you really love somebody and they blow it, love doesn't rub it in. Love rubs it out. That's the mark of love. Love doesn't rub in. Love rubs it out."

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