Tasmania Needle Scare In Locally-Grown Apple

Tasmanians are being urged to cut up all fruit before eating after metal was found in a local apple in an apparent copycat of interstate needle contamination.

More than 100 reports of tampered fruit are being investigated across the country after needles were originally found in Queensland strawberries.

A small metal object was discovered on Wednesday in an apple bought from a Woolworths on Hobart's eastern shore.

A 14-year-old boy was cutting the fruit to serve it to his pet.

"We've been told the apple was produced locally, that would indicate that someone has copied this behaviour," detective acting inspector David Richardson said.

Two cases of contamination in strawberries bought from Woolworths around Hobart are also being investigated by police.

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In one, a two centimetre metal object was found in a strawberry being eaten by a two-year-old.

"This is an issue which is obviously progressing," acting public health director Scott McKeown said.

"Our advice to Tasmanians (is) they should consider cutting up all fruit into small pieces before eating."

Forensic results of the three contamination cases are expected in days. NSW and Queensland governments are offering rewards to catch those responsible for contamination, while Prime Minister Scott Morrison is threatening 15 years behind bars.