'Disgusted': Dogs Baited With Poison, Razor Blades In Separate Incidents Spark Warnings

Two unrelated incidents of dog baiting in NSW and Queensland have sparked warnings from councils and the RSPCA for owners.

On Monday a woman was left shocked when a walk in the park with four-year-old dog Lola ended in her beloved pet being rushed to the vet, after swallowing meat balls laced with rat poison.

Lily Kenny said her dog ingested what appeared to be cooked mince balls that had five pellets stuck inside them.

Lola had consumed more than a dozen of the pellets before Lily spotted the bait and took her dog immediately to the vet.

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"The vet asked me if she had gotten into a packet of the rat bait because she had so many of them in her system," Lily told Ten Eyewitness News on Tuesday.

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When she returned to the park later she found five more balls buried in the grass, which she believes were planted by someone.

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The incident occurred next to the popular Bay Run in Sydney's inner-west where thousands of people and their four-legged companions visit each week.

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne said the council was aware of the incident and staff had spent the day thoroughly inspecting the area but had not found any more of the pellets.

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"All of Council's parks staff are on high alert to look out for any further baits in inner west parks," Byrne said, adding that another dog had earlier been poisoned in nearby Pioneers Park.

“I’m disgusted that any person would endanger dogs and children by leaving poison pellets in very heavily used public open space."

RSPCA NSW confirmed to ten daily that it had received a report from the owner about Monday's incident and was working with the local council to investigate.

"If it is someone deliberately poisoning dogs and other wildlife, the punishment can be quite severe," RSPCA media liaison Stefania Kubowicz said.

"It is a bit of a worry because dogs will not be able to decipher what it is they are eating," Kubowicz said, adding it was common for dogs to ingest food or other scraps they find on the ground.

She urged anyone with information related to the incident in the inner-west to contact the RSPCA so that any further instances of baiting could be prevented.

It comes at the same time as reports from another sickening dog baiting incident in Queensland, where a Gold Coast owner returned home to find her dog bleeding uncontrollably around his mouth.

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Days after rushing the beloved dog to the vet, his owner found a strawberry in her backyard stuff with five razor blades, the Courier Mail reports.

It's understood Queensland authorities are also investigating the incident.

Lily has now put up posters near the inner-west Sydney park where she found the pellets, warning other owners of the potentially fatal danger.

"If I didn't find that and I lost her... my whole world would've turned upside down," Lily told Ten Eyewitness News.

"I just don't understand why someone would do something like that."