'Dreadful Act': More Brands Recalled, $100K Reward Offer

A nationwide recall is now in place for six strawberry brands.

A $100,000 reward has been offered for information about the ongoing strawberry contamination scare.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk told media on Saturday investigators were doing "everything they possibly can" to find those responsible for the tampering, and pleaded with the public to come forward if they knew any information.

"This is a serious issue and it just begs the question, how could any right-minded person want to put a baby or child or anybody's health at risk by doing such a dreadful act?" she said.

"We need to catch those responsible, and those responsible could face up to 10 years jail, if not more for the crimes that they are committing."

Disgruntled Employee Believed To Be Behind Strawberry Recall

According to NSW Police six brands are have now been recalled nationally, “Berry Obsession”, “Berry Licious”, and “Donnybrook Berries”, with “Love Berry”, “Delightful Strawberries”, and “Oasis” added on Friday.

Queensland Health confirmed to ten daily it was investigating three brands, 'Berry Obsession', 'Berry Licious', and 'Donnybrook Berries', after seven "credible" cases of contamination.

NSW Police and Queensland Police are investigating whether the latest needles found in strawberries are the work of a copycat, or related to the original incidents.

Police believe it may be the work of a former employee.

"So far, NSW Police Force has received reports of contaminated strawberries purchased at supermarkets at Tweed Heads, Taree, and Wingham," NSW Police said in a statement.

"As the products have yet to be forensically examined, it is unknown if the contamination is related to the original Queensland incident or a copycat."

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