Sydney's New Noise Abatement Plan Has Nothing To Do With The Planes

Quiet please.

If you've ever found yourself at Sydney airport during peak hour, you'll know the only thing louder than the clamber of crowds seeing off eager passengers is the sound of the loud speaker announcing that "this is a final boarding call for Mr John Smith" who cannot be located in the terminal.

While most of the times Mr Smith (or whoever the unlucky passenger is who has to keep their head down and do the awkward shuffle-run to the gate knowing full-well everyone knows they're the culprit ) is usually just in the loo,  or buying a final souvenir from the gift shop --  the announcements have long been considered too frequent. And too noisy.

And now it appears even staff and officials at Sydney Airport have had enough, because flying into the international airport from next week will be a new "quiet terminal" initiative.

Sydney International is one of the busiest airports in the world. Sources: Getty Images

From Monday, the airport has announced it will "significantly reduce" the number of announcements to create an "even more relaxing environment for passengers".

(Mind you, if you've ever been to Sydney International Airport you know full well that absolutely no part of going through customs and bag checks screams "relaxing experience" -- but we'll give the airport the benefit of the doubt here).

Announcements will now be confined solely to gate areas with only "critical announcements" to be broadcast to other airport spaces.

CEO Geoff Culbert spruiked the "quiet terminal" on Friday saying it will see Sydney join the ranks of "other leading airports" globally, including Changi, Dubai, Hong Kong and Helsinki -- who have also implemented similar initiatives.

He said the move would provide the right balance between improving customer experience and ensuring passengers have the information they need to reach their gate in a timely and efficient manner.

“Passengers will now be able to relax without being interrupted by constant announcements,” Culbert said.

“We’re always looking at how we can make the airport experience even more enjoyable for our passengers. This initiative leapt out as one that would make an immediate and material difference and would align us with the practices of the best airports globally.

The Airport insists passengers will still receive up-to-date flight information, via the Flight Information Display Screens, multilingual e-directories, the airport's website and social media desks and information desks located within the terminal.

Featured Image: Getty