Staff Used Epipen After Student Was Punched

Emergency crews found the boy had "flat-lined".

A 10-year-old boy remains in a critical condition in hospital following what is believed to be a school yard game gone wrong on Tuesday.

Initially it was thought the boy was a victim of a bashing, but Ten News understands that in fact it may have been as a result of a group of children playing a “punching game” in the school's toilets.

It is understood during the game, the boy -- from Wattawa Heights Public School in Sydney’s south-west -- was struck in the chest by another student, causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on tiles.

Staff were immediately called to the boy's aid and, initially believing the boy was having a fit, administered an Epipen designed to treat an allergic reaction.

Emergency crews then arrived on the scene a short time later, around midday, to find the boy had “flat-lined”. Their actions were able to bring him back to life.

The boy was transported to Westmead Children’s Hospital where remains in a critical condition.

Police arrived at the scene and were told the boy was involved in a game with a group of other students when he was allegedly assaulted and fell backwards.

It’s understood the boy has a pre-existing medical condition.

Officers spoke with the students involved and no further police action is expected.

Angry parents took to the school's Facebook page amid initial reports the boy was a victim of a school yard bashing.

“Where were you when this huge fight happened?” asked one parent.

The NSW Education Department said it is "offering support to the family of the student" and "working with police to determine the circumstances around the injury."

"When accurate information about what occurred is available, the school will share that with parents and carers," the department said in a statement.

"It is not appropriate for the school to provide detailed comment about this matter before police finish their investigation."

Police are continuing to investigate the incident and are not ruling out “misadventure”, but don't expect to lay criminal charges.