Vegemite Gets A Whole New Look On Its 95th Birthday

Looks like the perfect age for a makeover!

Australia’s iconic breakfast spread Vegemite has turned 95.

Whether you love or hate the salty spread, there is no denying that Vegemite has been a staple part of Australian pantries since it hit shelves in 1923.

On Thursday it celebrated its 95th milestone with new look commemorative jars, which will be available for sale to the general public.

Three Australian artists David Bromley, Mitch Revs and Claudia Moodoonuthi were chosen to create three separate designs to feature on the jars, with the design brief: “What does Australia taste like to you?”

Claudia Moodoonuthi reflected on her indigenous background in her design. She painted a colourful mural of her Bentinck Island home, drawing inspiration from her Aboriginal family.

Renowned Melbourne artist David Bromley also reflected on his childhood. He moved from the UK to Australia in 1964 and used that as his inspiration.

Newcastle tattooist turned pop artist Mitch Revs created a bright and colourful design inspired by Australia’s surf coast.

The limited-edition new-look jars will be on sale across the nation from mid-September.

They will be released one at a time until each is sold out.

But Vegemite hopes, just like the spread, they will become staple parts of Australian households' recycled into pencil jars and money boxes and used for years to come.

Each artists’ original artwork will also be auctioned online with proceeds to go to charities of the artists’ choice.