Woolies Trials Australia's First-Ever Scan and Go Store

The end of the checkout is nigh.

Could this be the end of lengthy checkout lines? And perhaps the checkout altogether?

Maybe, if Woolworths' trial of new mobile technology is successful.

It's called Scan and Go.

From today, selected customers at Sydney's Double Bay store will be able to scan groceries using an app on their smartphone - and pay on the spot.

There'll be no need to go through a checkout.

The supermarket giant believes this has the ability to transform the shopping experience.

"Our customers lead increasingly busy lives and want us to explore new and innovative ways to make their shopping experience more convenient," Woolworths Group Head of Payments Paul Monnington says.

"This trial is not only about testing new technology, it's also about seeing how our customers and teams respond to a completely new style of shopping."

But what about people - such as the elderly - who don't have smartphones?

Woolies are quick to stress it won't take away manned registers, or existing self serve checkouts.

And you'd think thieves would have a field day.

"Theft always happens, it doesn't matter what way you do it," says retail marketing guru, Associate Prof Shaun Sands.

He thinks there could even be a reduction in people scanning the wrong - cheaper - item.

A thing of the past?

Associate Professor Sands says its pretty amazing that this technology - that's already being used by Amazon and AliBaba overseas - is being trialled here in Australia.

It's also a shift away from coins and notes - which is another nail in the coffin for physical money.

Woolworths said once the trial is complete, it'll assess whether it'll roll out the technology to other stores.

But Professor Sands believes long term, this sort of technology is here to stay.