Miners Rescued Following Lift Malfunction

Emergency services are currently working to extract the men.

UPDATE: The miners have been rescued.

Two men were trapped at least 160 metres below the surface following a lift malfunction in a coal mine at south-west of Sydney.

Emergency services were called to the mine on Remembrance Drive in Tahmoor just before 5pm on Wednesday, NSW Police confirmed to ten daily.

The men were uninjured and in good spirits, a CFMEU Mining and Energy Division Representative  said.

The representative said the men were trapped in the cage 160 metres below the surface and communicated with rescuers above ground via radios.

They had thermal blankets which are kept in the cage in case of emergencies, and there is was imminent risk to their safety.

Four FRNSW crews from Picton, Mittagong and Liverpool, including specialist rescue squads and three senior officers, worked to free the men.

The company has said the incident was due to a lift malfunction.