Devastated Owner Offers $10,000 Reward For Missing Pup

Armani gave birth to a litter of pups just eight weeks ago.

They say dog is man's best friend and no truer words could be spoken for Belinda Cox and her much loved pet Armani.

But last Wednesday, Belinda's worst nightmare came true when the five-year-old black labrador vanished from the front yard of her Connawarre home.

“It was in the evening, I went to get her to bring to bed as per usual,” Belinda said.

“She was gone. Just gone.”

Armani’s devastated owner put up flyers, scoured bush land, even hired a search helicopter.

An emotional plea on social media gained widespread attention and the Facebook video watched more than 300,000 times. But it didn’t bring the pooch home.

Armani gave birth to a litter of pups just eight weeks ago.

So Belinda decided to up the ante. She’s now offering a massive $10,000 reward for Armani’s safe return.

“I'm not rich, that's about all I have.”

“I had more I'd give it if it meant getting her home.”

Six days after she went missing, there's still no leads into where Armani could be.

She isn’t one to wander and wasn’t sick, leading Belinda to fear she may have been taken.

“Someone may have seen her and thought she was a lovely dog and decided to put her in their car.”

“If you do have Armani and you're scared to leave her because of all the media attention, you can send an anonymous text or call the police.”

“No questions will be asked.”

Armani is a jet black, medium-sized Labrador and is recognizable by a large undercarriage under giving birth to a litter of pups eight weeks ago.

Any sightings of Armani can be reported to 0437 217 719 or 0411 774 360 or at