It Turns Out That Those Pedestrian Buttons Are Completely Useless

That little green man doesn't give a s**t how late you are.

Just in case you ever felt like you had any control in your life, we're here to shut all of that down and let you know that pressing the pedestrian crossing button does nothing.

Yep, those buttons that toddlers like to hit while you're patiently trying to reassure yourself of the fact you've already pressed the button and you're the actual reason that the little green man will switch on sooner, are actually completely useless... well, six days a week at least.

Keep pressing honey, you're not getting anywhere faster. Image: Getty Images

According to an SMH investigation into the pedestrian traffic light buttons there are set times when those suckers actually make a difference, and during peak hour, you know, when you need them to work you just have to wait, no matter how much you press it:

Since 1994, at all intersections across the Sydney CBD, the "green men" get set to "automated pedestrian phases" that disable the button signals from 7am to 7pm on Monday to Thursday, and from 7am to 9pm on Friday.

So, we've all been wasting our lives thinking that we can change the time you spend wondering if you can jaywalk across a major intersection (don't do it), when in fact you don't control squat.

On the weekend the story is almost the same. On Saturday between 8:30am to 9pm, the system is also on a timer, and the only time that the buttons ~actually~ do their job is on Sunday when pressing can make your wait on the kerb a little shorter.

Turns out, it's not just in the CBD either -- it's anywhere there is a "high level of pedestrian activity, at specific times of the day" so RIP to anyone who lives or works near a major transportation hub.

Until a time when pedestrian buttons can actually be useful for the progression of commuters on foot, remember to not bother wasting your energy on pressing the button and also look up from your phone when you're crossing the road.

Featured Image: Getty Images