Paramedics' 'Worst Nightmare' Unfolds

More than 80 angry people surrounded paramedics as they were trying to save a life.

Calls for paramedic safety have been reignited after workers were attacked as they were trying to treat a man in a Sydney unit.

Paramedics were unable to help the man who was suffering from a suspected drug overdose.  A crowd of 80 angry people had gathered outside the property and the 25-year-old died at the scene.

"It's just their worst nightmare where they [ paramedics] have to manage a cardiac arrest when their safety is at risk ... and it's even more tragic because someone lose their life," Australian Paramedics Association (APA) Secretary Steve Pearse said.

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The large and angry group of men were threatening the health workers and one even charged at a female paramedic, knocking her to the ground and injuring her shoulder.

Greater safety needed for Australia's paramedics. Image: AAP

The paramedics barricaded themselves inside the unit and called police for help. The angry group demanded they be given a defibrillator and drugs to treat the 25-year-old themselves. Around police and the Public Order Riot Squad arrived to rescue the health workers. There were about 120 people in total at the scene.

"They were unable to transport the patient to hospital because it was too dangerous," Pearse said.

A female paramedic was knocked over by an angry male at the site whilst they were performing their treatment but all were injured, they suffered a physiological injury.

Pearse said more work needs to be done to guarantee safe working conditions for emergency services.

This incident occurred just a few weeks after a paramedic was assaulted and a number of others were threatened as they were treating an unconscious woman at a bar in Sydney's Darling Harbour.

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The violence was so bad that a riot squad was called to escort the crew and the patient to an ambulance after people who were out with the woman started to get angry.

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