Mayor Exposed: Councillor Apologises After Sending Nude Photos Via Council Email System

The mayor was also ordered to undertake counselling by an IT expert.

An outback Queensland mayor has exposed himself to a breach of council standards after sending nude photos of himself from his work computer.

Diamantina Shire Council Mayor Geoff Morton admitted to uploading the risque images onto his council computer last year and emailing them to his personal address.

One of the  images is understood to depict the Councillor lying naked on a swag, according to the Courier Mail -- who claim at least 20 images were discovered.

The offending pictures were detected by an IT staffer last year before a complaint was made in October .

Morton was forced to apologise over the NSFW incident during a council meeting earlier this year.

"I wish to make an admission of error about the use of my council email account for personal business," Morton said, according to minutes from the Council meeting in March.

"What the photographs involve is of no concern to anyone I don’t think," Morton told the Courier Mail on Friday, adding that he was sorry the incident had happened.

“They were personal images taken for somebody’s personal business.”

Morton was also ordered to undergo counselling by an IT expert on how to avoid a similar faux pas in the future.

"In particular the counselling should focus on ensuring Councillor Moroton knows how to send personal emails from his phone without using the council server and that he limits his use of the council's resources to council business," documents from the Regional Counduct Review Panel have revealed.

The incident has been laid bare on one of the most important days on the council's calendar, with thousands expected to flock to Diamantina Shire on Friday for the annual Birdsville Races.

Morton has been a member of the council for almost four decades and is currently serving his seventh term as Councillor, according to the shire's website.

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Featured Image: Diamantina Shire Council