Judge Strikes Out Latham's 'Extraordinary' Defamation Defence

Latham has until the end of September to file a new defence.

Mark Latham's defence in a defamation case bought against him by journalist and former Greens candidate Osman Faruqi has been struck out.

Image: Federal Court Of Australia

Faruqi has taken Latham to court over a series of comments that he claims accused him of "white-racism". Latham grounded his claims in a series of Tweets that were posted by Faruqi in relation to a foiled terror plot in 2017.

When former ABC presented Yassmin Abdel-Magied tweeted Faruqi asking "Dude wtf is happening," he responded, "The white people are getting fucked Yas, it's happening."

Abdel-Magied then wrote " Look, they wanted people to go back where they came from.. and didn't realise it included them too?"

Image: Twitter

Latham slammed the series of tweets in an online video.

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Osman Faruqi has taken Latham to court, accusing him of defamation. Image: Twitter

Faruqi claimed the video implied that he knowingly supported Islamic State killing Australians and also that he encouraged the presence of terrorism of Australia.

Faruqi is seeking a court order to get the video taken down. He is also seeking damages for him being subjected to public ridicule and hatred.

Latham filed a number of defences in a lengthy 76-page document which Justice Micheal Wigney said was "no mean feat" to work through.

Image: Federal Court Of Australia.

The main defence argued that the meaning Faruqi took from the video was not conveyed whatsoever.

On Thursday morning Wigney ruled that the defence "be struck out" and gave Latham until September 28 to file a new one.

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