Woman Finds Pet Dog Dead After Suspected Burglary

Tracy Kenwery arrived home to find her canine companion dead in his bed.

A disabled woman has returned home from a medical appointment to find her dog had been killed.

Tracy Kenwery rescued her dog Amigo when he was just three-months-old.

She says he was being trained to fight, but his docile nature made him the perfect companion dog.

Kenwery was out of her home in Altona in Melbourne's south-west between 3pm and 5pm on Tuesday afternoon and police believe in that time someone entered her backyard and assaulted Amigo.

Kenwery found Amigo dead in her home. Image: Ten Eyewitness News.

"I'm quite confident that it's an isolated incident, it's the result of a burglary gone wrong rather than a dog attack," Detective Senior Constable Joshua Curwood said.

Tracy found Amigo on his bed.

"The first thing I did was kneel down and put my hands on him and yeah, he was dead", she said.

Kenwery described Amigo as a docile, gentle giant. He lived in the house with her two sons and three cats, and slept in her bed.

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She says Amigo used to wake her up when she suffered night terrors and she even relied on him to help her stand up.

"He was absolutely loved,"Kenwery said.

"When I walk him I get stopped every five minutes for people wanting to pat him and talk to him," she said.

Kenwery said Amigo was loved dearly. Image: Ten Eyewitness News.

Police say Amigo could have disturbed the would be burglar or burglars in the act, but a forensic examination of the backyard found no evidence of Amigo attacking the intruder.

Kenwery said Amigo was most likely to have gone up to the intruder for a pat.

"I slept last night with his toy, it hasn't sunk in yet. It will".

Anyone who saw anything suspicious in the Altona area around Civic Parade yesterday afternoon is urged to contact police.

Watch the full story on Ten Eyewitness News at 5pm.