Brekky Wrap: Australian Arrested In Bali And 29 Children Dead In Airstrike

All the news you need to know this Friday.

A Queensland man living in Bali has been arrested with possession of cocaine. Authorities allege they found almost 12 grams of the drug, worth about $3000, under the floor boards of his Kuta boarding house. Brendon Luke Johnsson, 43, is facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison if found guilty.

Police officers escort an Australian man identified only as Brandon at a local police headquarters in Denpasar, Bali. Photo: AP.

At least 29 children have died and another 30 wounded in a Saudi-led coalition air strike in Yemen, according to the International Committee of the Red Cross. The missile hit a school bus carrying children back to school after a picnic, according to Save the Children. Human Rights groups have slammed the attack as "grotesque" and "shameful".

A doctor treats children injured in the air strike. Photo: Reuters.

French aviation authorities will open a new investigation into Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, just days after a report effectively cleared the pilots of deliberately attempting to bring the plane down. The investigation will re-examine satellite data that led earlier investigators to conclude the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean after veering off-course. Four French citizens were on board when the flight disappeared.

Officers carry a flaperon from an aircraft that washed ashore on a French island in 2015, two years after flight MH370 went missing. Photo: AAP.

A man has been charged with defacing a war memorial in Sydney's Martin Place. The 43-year-old was caught on CCTV on Thursday night removing flowers and pouring beer on a statue. He was arrested and charged with committing an offensive act in or on a war memorial and wilfully damaging or defacing a protected place.

The man was also caught allegedly putting a cigarette in the soldier's rifle. Photo: Getty.

MPs have been inundated with requests for free portraits of Queen Elizabeth, after a series of articles on Thursday pointed out they could do it. But they're getting creative with it: Melbourne MP Tim Watts -- who received about four dozen requests -- said he'd send out portraits of retired Western Bulldogs captain Bob Murphy, while Griffith's Terri Butler said she was "talked out" of sending a photo of Queen Beyonce instead.

The elimination of a fan-favourite from Survivor has fans absolutely shook. No spoilers, but people called it a "bleak end" and asked if the person eliminated was okay. Find out who got eliminated here.

Manchester City have signed 19-year-old emerging Socceroos star Daniel Arzani. The teen, who represented Australia at the recent FIFA World Cup, said having the chance to train and play in Europe is "a dream come true".

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