The Muesli Company Owner Sentenced To 17 Years For Murder

The judge called his actions callous and cowardly.

A 76 year old Melbourne man who fatally stabbed his business partner is likely to die in jail, after being sentenced to at least 12 years behind bars.

Peter Pavlis pleaded guilty to murdering Jennifer Borchardt. At an earlier hearing he apologised to his victim’s family, saying he had no right to do what he did.

When the prison term of 17 years with a non parole period of 12 years was announced family members of Borchardt cried with relief and exclaimed “yes!”

Outside court her niece said the family wanted the sentence to send the message that violence against others in the community is not acceptable.

Peter Pavlis hired Jenny Borchardt when she was a teenager, she eventually bought into his successful muesli business, The Muesli Company. The court heard she was encouraged to feel part of the Pavlis family. The pair trusted each other. Pavlis even had keys to her home. He’s never explained his behaviour, the judge said she was unable to discern the true motive.

In July 2017 the then 75 year old went to Ms Borchardt’s Richmond home, and stabbed her in a frenzied attack in her kitchen. Her family said the 49 year old would’ve had no chance of defending herself. In sentencing the judge told Pavlis “you betrayed her trust, loyalty and affection in the most cruel way by brutally and needlessly ending her life.”

After the murder Pavlis attempted to clean the crime scene, pretended he was perplexed about his victim’s absence from work, and lied about the cause of a wound to his thumb. The judge called his actions callous and cowardly.

Pavlis was previously a law abiding man, a loving husband, father and grandfather. The court heard he was an extremely generous and community spirited man. His previous good character makes his murderous actions all the more hard to understand.

Jenny Borchardt’s niece said, “if Peter Pavlis was truely remorseful he would have produced the murder weapon which he used to stab Jenny six times, two of which penetrated straight through her body- and the reason why he had murdered her.”

“Jenny would not have sensed the danger that was about to unfold as Peter was a long term family friend and co-director.”

“Jenny like other people living in Australia deserved the right to feel safe walking down the street or more importantly in her own home.”

A doctor who assessed Pavlis formed the opinion he can be expected to survive a shorter period than the 11 years the average 76 year old can expect.