Almost Two Million 'Ticking Time Bombs' As Aussie Drivers Ignore Recalls

Drivers are still ignoring warnings to replace deadly airbags and now it could cost you your insurance.

If you're a driver who's received countless warnings in the mail to change your dodgy airbag, here's another reason not to wait.

Personal injury specialist Mark O'Connor from Bennett and Philp Lawyers says vehicle owners who deliberately ignore the nationwide Takata recall are not only putting their safety at risk, but also their insurance cover.

"If someone is involved in an accident and it's the other vehicles' fault, normally they would bring a claim against the compulsory third-party insurer of the other vehicle for their injuries,"O'Connor said.

"However, if your injuries are caused by the airbag exploding and you're a driver who's got lots of notifications that this airbag is defective, I think the insurers are going to be saying - we've caused the primary accident but the injuries are caused by your own stupidity."

Nearly two million recalled airbags still need replacing across Australia.

"It could cause terrible injuries, and I think the insurers are going to say it's not our fault," says Mr O'Connor.

He said there is "ticking time bomb out there, of people who are going to be involved in accidents and going to be affected by this”.

A deployed airbag is seen in a 2001 Honda Accord. Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In the latest figures released by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, New South Wales has the highest number of vehicles still to be fixed at 500,000.  Closely followed by Victoria at 448,000 and then Queensland, WA and South Australia.

Stephen Spalding from motoring body RACQ said he can't understand why anyone would wait.

"There's no reason for motorists to ignore these warnings, they're very serious, the consequences could cost you your life."

The alpha Takata airbags have the greatest safety risk - a frightening one-in-two chance of spraying shrapnel when deployed in a crash.

If you are still unsure if your car is affected, a new website has been created to make it easier.