Brekky Wrap: Bologna Truck Explosion And The Link Between Climate Change And Drought

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One person has died and nearly 70 have been injured in a fiery explosion on a highway near Bologna, Italy. A truck carrying motor vehicles collided with a tanker carring fuel causing an explosion that sent fireballs shooting into the sky. The blaze then spread to a car park located on the highway's bridge where other motor vehicles were destroyed. Police video shows the tanker failing to break and therefore, plowing into the ruck in front of it.

The death toll for the earthquake that hit the Indonesian island of Lombok on Sunday has risen to 98. More than 230 people have been seriously injured and over 10,000 people have already been evacuated from the island. Emergency services are still working to evacuate tourists who have been stranded in the wake of the 6.9 magnitude quake. Bridges, buildings and roads have been destroyed in the disaster. Even buildings as far away in Bali's capital, Denpasar, have been affected.

U.S. President Donald Trump has re-imposed sanctions on Iran after leaving the Iran Nuclear Deal earlier this year. Administration officials said on Monday that the new measures aim to kerb Iran’s behaviour on an international scale and that those who continue to trade with Iran will suffer “severe consequences”. These sanctions place further strain on the U.S. relationship with other European nations like France, Germany and England who continue to back the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Trump had re-imposed U.S. sanctions on Iran. Image: Getty Images.
Special Coverage: Drought Crisis

This drought is about climate change and it’s time the government recognised it, writes Krystyna Fagan, whose father owns a farm in western NSW. While the relief package announced by the Government has been welcomed, Fagan says we are very far from a solution to the crisis that affects so many hard working Australians. “You see, at a time when so many farmers are struggling, some even at the point where they are pleading for bullets to put down their dying stock, the government is doing little more than paying lip service to the environmental factors that create drought conditions,” she writes. Read there full story at the link below.

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Despite the hardship, Australian farmers are showing their resilience and strength more than ever. By knitting jumpers for lambs, buying a sausage sizzle or having a Parma for a Farmer both farmers and other Aussies alike are working to make the worst drought in a century more bearable. If you’d like to help a farmer in need check out the links below.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said on Monday that climate change is a contributing factor to drought. Speaking to the ABC, he rejected claims by Barnaby Joyce that Australia’s global emissions reduction targets are not directly helping farmers. "If everybody took the view that they weren't going to do anything because their contribution doesn't make much difference, then nothing would happen," Turnbull said."It's a global effort."

It's time to acknowledge it. Drought is about climate change. Image: Getty Images.

A tourist in Dubai has racked up $72,000 worth of speeding fines in less than four hours while driving a rented luxury supercar. The man, only identified as a British tourist, broke the speed limit on one of the city’s busiest roads dozens of times while driving a Lamborghini Huracan. He triggered every single speed camera in the Sheikh Zayed Road and reached speeds of 240km/h. He has been unable to return the car, for which he left his passport as the guarantee, because he is liable to pay the fines.

A British tourist has racked up $72,000 worth of speeding fines while driving a rented supercar. Image: Getty Images.

Joel Robuchon, 73, the chef with the most Michelin stars in the world, died of cancer on Monday. He was awarded 32 stars for his simple dishes that gave the fancy world of french cooking a simpler touch. He was widely considered one of the most influential chefs of the 20th century and chefs from all over the world have paid tribute to him in the wake of his passing.

Fans were devastated when singer Pink cancelled Sydney's Monday night concert just hours before doors were due to open. The singer postponed the event after receiving medical advice from doctors following her illness with a virus. Pink also cancelled Friday night’s show with "great frustration" but performed Saturday night and then was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital on Sunday evening with dehydration. It is unclear if she will cancel Tuesday night’s concert. Pink is yet to announce when she will perform make-up events for the two cancelled shows.

Pink cancelled Monday night's concert after advice from doctors. Image: Getty Images.

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