Smashed Avocado Inventor: Buy An Avocado And Have It At Home

The story of how a simple breakfast dish became the centre of national economic debate.

In the early days of running his restaurants, Bill Granger didn't have time to stop for anything, let alone sit down for a meal.

But one day he had a brainwave.

"I have always loved the idea of Vegemite toast and the idea of savory breakfast," Granger told ten daily.

"I just got a bit of avocado, stuck it down, pushed it down on a piece of bread so it wouldn't fall off and so I could eat it quickly and that’s how it started."

And the last 25 years has been history.

A simple idea soon became an empire. Image: Getty Images.

Granger is credited with inventing smashed avocado, a staple in the diet of many Australian brunch-goers. He laughed-off his kind of acknowledgment and said he's surprised how widely the dish has been adopted.

"It took about two or three years to become a menu item ... and then once was on it's never gone off but it has only been in the last five or six years that it has really gone through the stratosphere,"Granger said.

"You know something can be there for 25 years, it hobbles along, it's nice and then suddenly, wow."

25 years sure does go fast. Image: Australian Avocados/ Bill Granger,

So, if Granger invented smashed avocado, then he's the reason none of us can afford a house, right?

You remember when property tycoon Tim Gruner went on 60 Minutes and said, "When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn't buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each."

All of a sudden Granger's quick and easy snack became linked Australia's fiery national debate on housing affordability.

Granger however, thinks the connection between the two is ludacris.

"That is so random," Granger said,

"But I’ve always been a great experience person rather than buying things personally ... my advice would be enjoy your life. You’re young once, catching up with friends is an amazing thing to do and you can always just buy an avocado and have it at home." 

Treat yourself. You don’t have to bash yourself up to buy a house. I think you are allowed a bit of pleasure. It’s okay.

Granger's favourite way to enjoy smashed avocado is by adding an extra protein, like some hot smoked salmon or a boiled egg. He also says avocado is an incredibly versatile fruit that can be added to anything, like an Asian-inspired salad with cucumber, edamame beans and spring onions.

But how on earth did this seemingly simple dish become so popular that it caught the attention of housing experts and millionaires?

Avocado is a versatile fruit that can be added to anything. Image: Australian Avocados/ Bill Granger.

"I think because Australians, we love fresh healthy flavours and we love citrus bang," Granger told ten daily.

"Avocado with fresh lime or fresh lemon, some salt, we love spice, it is great with chilli and we have great bread in Australia, so crunchy sourdough toast. I think it is all of those textures and flavours. It is a bit of a classic." 

And we're not the only ones that think so, apparently.

"I think in the UK and Japan it is almost bigger. They see Australia as this big sunny lifestyle… and I think an avocado toast the colours, the freshness are just a little taste of Australia."

Bill Granger's new restaurant opens on August 3 at 355 Crown St, Surry Hills.  

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