Tom Meagher's Touching Tribute To Jill, On Their Tenth Wedding Anniversary

"You are loved at every moment of every day."

On what should have been a day of celebration, Tom Meagher has posted a tribute to his wife Jill on their tenth wedding anniversary.

Jill Meagher was raped and murdered as she walked home in Melbourne in 2012.

In the Facebook post, Tom Meagher paid tribute to his late wife, and reflected on the life he had envisioned for them -- Jill was murdered just four years into their marriage.

Image: Facebook

"I day-dreamed about what we will be doing in five years, in ten years, in twenty or thirty years - we never made it to five," he wrote.

He reminisced about his nerves on the day of his wedding, and joked about how white wine got him through the morning.

"When I woke up that day, continuously fumbling over the elusive art of tying a tie and nervously downing cheap white wine way too early in the morning, I imagined the seemingly endless stretch of time we would have together," he said.

Meagher, who is now living back in Ireland, regularly visits the Wicklow mountains where they were married.

"Only five weeks ago I stood in the Wicklow mountains where we were married, looking up at the canopy in the woods behind the grounds, as I have done many times in the six years since her death," he said

Image: Facebook

Spending time there is a way for Meagher to feel closer to Jill, he said in the message.

"My words may be too feeble to describe the feeling I got, and so often get in this space, but it unlocks something for me - an expanse, where the artificial separateness between me and her, between life and death dissolves effortlessly," he said.

He also had choice words for Jill's killer, Adrian Ernest Bayley, who called the polar opposite to his wife.

"But it's the gaping spectrum in between those two opposing ways of living that chills me more than the red-faced, steroid-riddled, dead-eyed individual misogynistic rage of the man who killed her," Meagher said.

The "culture" of women's deaths going unreported because of their commonplace and the "guardians of male supremacy" continue to disturb Meagher.

"In the war on women, this man [Bayley] exemplifies the extremist wing of the hateful and pervasive ideology of male sexual terrorism, but it's the everyday spectrum of male violence that disturbs me even more," he said.

But he ended his message by thanking Jill, and called her a "warrior for love, life and liberation."

"You are loved at every moment of every day."