Lee Lin Chin Farewelled During Last SBS News Bulletin

"You've redefined what it means for a presenter in Australia; what they should look like, how they should talk and certainly how they should dress."

Beloved news presenter Lee Lin Chin delivered her final bulletin for SBS World News on Sunday the way only she could: in spectacular style.

Fans have been holding out for Chin's final appearance on the news desk since she revealed to ten daily last week her time at the broadcaster was coming to an end after more than 30 years.

And wrapped in transparent black vinyl, the formidable fashion icon disappointed no one.

From private viewing parties to the live-screening of the bulletin in Melbourne's Federation Square, people tuned in to bid farewell to the Australia media legend.

Reporting from France for the Tour de France, Mike Tomalaris paid an emotional tribute to his colleague before the bulletin's end.

"Lee Lin let me say to you; you are unique in every way," Tomalaris said.

"Your delivery, your clarity, the news presentation. You are unique to Australian television. You really are and have been the fabric of this network for so many years and you leave behind some wonderful history."

Sports presenter Craig Foster echoed Tomalaris' sentiments in his own farewell, referring to Chin as "an extraordinary professional, one of the greatest in the history of Australian broadcasting."

"But more than that you've been a beacon of diversity, you've redefined what it means for a presenter in Australia; what they should look like, how they should talk and certainly how they should dress," he said.

"Everyone here is incredibly proud of you, I'm sure every Australian is, and you leave as you conducted your celebrated career, very much on your own terms."

As for Chin, she took a moment to pay tribute to her colleagues and farewell her legion of enduring fans.

"I take my leave with sadness," she said.

"Over the years, all my colleagues have featured very prominently and positively in both my life at the network and in my personal life. I'm saddest of all to leave you, the audience. Thank you for watching, and a very good night."

Chin devastated fans around the country when she announced her decision to leave the broadcaster, with many afraid it would mark the end of her time of Australian televisions.

But she quickly put minds to rest, reminding everyone she wasn't leaving us entirely.

“I have not retired, simply resigned. Retirement is death,” a post on her Twitter account read.

In a message to her fans ahead of the bulletin, Chin even told SBS fans could still say hello to her, albeit if they followed the recommended guidelines.

“I’m not disappearing from the face of the earth, so if they see me I will have all the time in the world to engage with them … as long as they don’t ask for selfies," she said.