Man Sentenced Over 'Brutal' Killing of 11-Month-Old

The 11-month-old boy was killed for 'no apparent reason'.

A man who killed a baby by severing its spine has been sentenced to 30 years jail.

Jason Noy murdered 11-month-old Harro Dean, possibly in an act of frustration.

Noy had been living with the little boy's mother Jamee Malcolm in Paynesville, Victoria.

She was in another room with her young daughter, when Noy ran down the hallway carrying her limp son in his arms.

Noy claimed he had left Harro in his cot while he heated up a bottle of milk and returned to find him unresponsive.

Ms Malcolm commenced CPR but as she did, she noticed her son take one final gasp of air

An autopsy found his spinal cord had been severed and his right kidney lacerated, most likely by a single blow to the back.

A Supreme Court jury took less than 24 hours to find Noy guilty of murder.

"This case involves the brutal killing of an 11 month old baby for no apparent reason" Justice Paul Coughlan told Noy during his sentencing today.

The court heard Noy suffers from bi-polar disorder and had been repeatedly beaten by his alcoholic father as a child.

A forensic psychiatrist who examined Noy found his actions may have been triggered by his past.

"The fact remains you have not expressed remorse and do not show insight into your offending" said Justice Coughlan said.

"I regard this as a particularly serious example of the crime of murder."

"Although the killing was swift, the circumstances were extremely brutal."

He sentenced Noy to 30 years jail with a non parole period of 26 years.

But given the hatred prisoners show towards people who murder children, Noy will be kept in isolation.

Outside court, Harro's grandmother told Ten Eyewitness News she was "very happy" with the sentence.