Voices Blamed For Man's Sledgehammer Attack

His psychotic episode at the time was fuelled by an Arabic sounding voice.

Voices inside a man's head have been blamed for his decision to smash up a Geelong job agency with a sledgehammer

Anthony Wedding walked into the office carrying the sledgehammer in February last year

He was suffering a psychotic episode and was fuelled by an Arabic sounding voice in his head and the frustration of being unemployed.

Wedding yelled "I want a f****** job!" as two people ran terrified from the agency's reception area.

He then proceeded to smash a door and a desk with the sledgehammer before being calmed down by a staff member.

During sentencing on Monday the court heard the 50 year old has a history of mental illness, and believed he was a famous artist and philosopher.

Judge Gerard Mullaly found Wedding didn't understand the gravity of his actions.

"It seems clear and unequivocal that your deteriorating mental health was very much behind you doing what you did," Judge Mullaly said.

"In your paranoid state, you felt you weren't being dealt with properly."

Nevertheless Judge Mullaly said the employees at the agency didn't deserve to be attacked.

"Your actions, though frightening, were brief and not directed specifically at a worker.

"I do however not lose sight of the powerful threat of a sledgehammer."

He sentenced Wedding to a 20 month Community Corrections Order which includes 150 hours of unpaid work.

Had Wedding not pleaded guilty, he would have been sentenced to one year in prison.